Raceco Silencers

These high quality stainless steel and titanium silencers are built specifically for track use and have been manufactured since 2001. The design brief was to make the lightest, highest flowing, quietest silencer that did not reduce, but enhanced power. During the design and development stage 5 different prototypes were made that were then flow bench tested, dyno tested and noise tested along with 10,000 miles of road testing before releasing the silencers to the public. Our silencers have been sold worldwide to many discerning customers who appreciate top quality products.

Our silencers weigh approximately 5.6 kilos. The weight varies slightly according to the application, by comparison OEM Stainless steel silencers of a similar size can weigh 9 kilos or more.

Silencers are available in 63mm/2.5”, 70mm/2.75” and 76mm/3” bores with either straight central inlets or offset angled inlets in right and left hand configurations. As a rule of thumb 63mm is suitable for up to 260 bhp, 70mm for 280 bhp and 76mm for 300 bhp and over.

The silencers are re-packable and are supplied with a satin grey titanium sleeve as standard. The stainless steel end caps are retained by stainless button head screws for easy dismantling. The internals are top quality with special attention paid to the open area and the design of the perforated core. This avoids packing material being burnt and blown out. The packing material is of the highest quality available. Because of the use of superior components the silencers need re-packing less frequently.

Raceco Titanium silencers are the lightest, quietest, highest flowing and do not reduce power whilst reducing noise. They have not been designed to a price but to a very high specification.